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Svadhyaya- Self-study

Empower your mind body and soul through learning. Get to know yourself better, understanding your habits, compulsions and move toward your highest self. Learn to attract the right people through self-love, boundary setting, yogic principles, goal setting, natural healing and using your vibrational energy for powerful manifestation and discovery.  Yoga is more than physical asana, it is a daily ethical practice that can lead you to the path of freedom and liberation. Study with a community of like-minded people, fuelling the mind's growth. Connect to a space of non-judgement from the mat, to mediation, to zoom and books. Ancient yogi's say 'Svadhyaya' (of the niyamas) translated to self-study is not optional, it's a requirement.  There is nothing to fear by diving inward- Take our hands we will guide you beyond where you want to be.

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