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Yogi crash course

  • 16Weeks
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Learn the life of a yogi. Flexible weekly hours for study and asana practice. All content available online. 16 weeks of intense training and interaction. Introduction to becoming a yogi begins here and now. Start the path to liberation. Suitable for people who are new to yoga. Those wanting to up skill their yoga development. To become confident with asana poses and learn the yoga poses in Sanskrit. Ideal course for those considering yoga teacher training. As this course gives you the introduction and confidence you need to be a head of the game! Did we mention this is only a quarter of the price of a official teacher training and it contains all the information you need to begin your career change. This course is even suitable if you have been out of Yoga teaching for awhile, it is extensive for personal and professional growth and reflection. Amazing career path add-on for personal trainers and coaches. Empower your mind, body and inner essence Sign up Today! in ancient yogic philosophy they say Svadhyaya (translation to self-study) is a requirement. Begin your yoga journey today. Learn to live like a Yogi on and off the mat. Available worldwide! Modules that will be covered: History of yoga and yoga styles Philosophy Yamas and Niyamas Basic anatomy Nutrition Breath Sanskrit Sun salutations Core exercises Standing asana Balancing asana Backbending asana Twists Inversions - add illustrations to each

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