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Dedicated to Wellbeing

Wellness Movement is a network that enhances your well-being through a variety of holistic practices. Our wonderful spiritual team have all dedicated their lives to spreading the message of ‘empowering the mind, body and soul’. We support each individual's healing and growth journey beyond the physical practice.

Our philosophy is to create tools for self-healing. To help you move through suppressed, stagent and blocked emotions around shame, guilty, anxiety, sexual energy and anger. Using talk therapy and through vibrational movements you can learn to release trauma. Pair this with dynamic asana, primal flows and breath-work and you will self-heal physically, emotionally and soulfully. Learn to shift your mindset from punishment by focusing on loving and celebrating the energetic pathways. Vibrational movements of sound, the voice and body can help normalise emotions in order to break generations of oppression and conditioning. 

Movement represents the flow of energy and cycles of life and death. The flow of movement embodies feminine energy, Shakti. Shakti empowers us create inner growth and connect to divine power. 


In Eastern philosophy, chakras are energy wheels which map to the personal psychic realm. Wellness Movement can open up the divine realm to unblock stagnation and purity your personal energy field. Practicing mantras and Yoga can connect to your gods. We believe Yogic practices of pranayama strengthen the nervous system, boosts the immune system and cleanses the aura. This supports your souls magical intent. 

The word wellness encompasses supporting persons whole well-being. We love the world wellness as it supports the four dimensions of the Maori health model Te Whare Tapa Wha (spiritual, physical, social and mental and emotional dimensions). 

This message guides our teachings, which are focused on helping our clients connect to inward, find their communities, embrace their identify and have a sense of belonging. 

As we grow our community we want to offer more nurturing opportunities. Our aim is to work alongside other amazing holistic practitioners to offer more in-depth love and essence to our centre.

Waterfall Pose
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What does Yoga mean to us

Yoga is a practice that benefits and incorporates the mind, body and soul. Allowing mastery over the mind with the awakening of kundalini and stress reduction. We believe Yoga is a spiritual practice that is welcoming to all religions and devotions because Yoga can bring a student closer to their true self. The self which already exists inside of each person and just needs the belief and tools to be unlocked and awakened. There is no wrong approach to Yoga, some come for an active challenging sweat session, some come for strength or flexibility and some come for relaxation. We invite you to take care of your mind, body and soul.

Note: Photo in motion of using obliques and deep inner core to move energy out of the pelvis while in Virabhadrasana 2

About: Our Team

Aria Whyte

Psychosomatic Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Primary School Teacher, Pilates instructor, Barre instructor, ballet, jazz and contemporary Teacher, Reiki, Energy Healer, Counsellor, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Cacao Facilitator, HIIT instructor

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